Merrimack Repertory Theatre
Lighting and Sound Supervisor

A word from Courtney Sale, Artistic Director, and Lee Viliesis, Production Manager

Lighting and Sound Supervisor

DEPARTMENT: Production

POSITION: Lighting and Sound Supervisor

REPORTS TO: Production Manager

JOB TYPE: Seasonal Full Time

START DATE: March 1st, 2022

SALARY RANGE: $900 per week


  • Vacation time: Season Full Time employees earn vacation, person, and sick time in accordance with MRT policy. MRT observes 10 federal holidays per calendar year. MRT also schedules 2-4 floating holidays, which will be announced at the start of each season.

  • Full-Time, Seasonal Full-Time, and Seasonal Only Employees are eligible for MRT health and dental insurance. (Seasonal Only Employees must work a minimum of 30 hours/week on average.) MRT pays a portion of the both insurances.

  • Full-Time, Seasonal Full-Time, and Seasonal Only Employees may be eligible for Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts. MRT makes available several retirement plans through Enterprise Wealth Services for Full Time, Full Time Seasonal, and Seasonal Only employees. MRT does not contribute to these retirement plans.

  • MRT staff are encouraged to attend opening night of each play and receive a pair of complimentary tickets for that performance. Reservations are required. In addition, staff receive four more tickets for the run of the show.

  • MRT maintains and owns guest artist housing. We can support with housing in the transition period for up to 2 months.

Position Summary

The Lighting and Sound Supervisor works closely with the Lighting and Sound Designers, along with the rest of the Artistic Department leadership (Production Manager and Artistic Director). S/he/they is responsible for managing the implementation of all lighting and sound designs as prepared by the individual designers of each production, or as requested by the Director, while staying within budget and on schedule. This includes generating required paperwork and maintaining the organization of the Lighting and Sound Supervisor’s office and all MRT Sound and Lighting Equipment.


Essential Duties


  • Coordinate with designers through plots and paperwork to prepare for hang and focus, acquiring all needed additional materials including making arrangements for any borrowed or rented items.

  • Assist designers with questions related to the space, inventory, or challenges that they may have in order to translate designs into a practical application for the production.

  • Meet deadlines as outlined by the production schedule.

  • Respond promptly to daily rehearsal reports and implement any changes that come out of rehearsal and preview process.

  • Attend all production meetings, company meetings, technical rehearsals and technical rehearsal production meetings.

  • Keep accurate and up to date paperwork on all productions, and provide all board operators, spot operators and Stage Management with the same.

  • Operate within provided budgets to execute the needs of the show, promptly inform the Production Manager of potential delays in schedule or budgetary overages.

  • Hire and manage all related labor needed to accomplish these tasks, as well as the scheduling and management of reporting seasonal staff, shop volunteers or educational interns.

  • Accurately and promptly process all receipts using MRT’s Budget tracking and reconciliation practices.

  • Work with Stage Management, board operator and additional sound and lighting run crew throughout the run of each show to ensure proper maintenance, including daily checks, focus touch ups, and general operational upkeep of all rental equipment.

Management of Equipment and Spaces:

  • Maintain, clean and repair MRT’s inventory of sound and lighting equipment, including organizing of the space, and replacement or disposal of items as needed.

  • Maintain an accurate and up to date digital inventory of equipment to share with designers.

  • Coordinate any rentals of MRT equipment to other organizations, keep accurate records of items on loan, and reconcile returns.

  • Maintain all general MRT tools and equipment not used exclusively by other departments.

  • Keep in working order MRT’s hearing impaired assisted listening system, reporting to Production Manager or Senior Staff when replacement might be required.

  • Maintain all MRT house, exterior and emergency lighting, reporting to Production Manager or Senior Staff larger facility issues. Assist other production staff with general office lighting.


Community and Interdepartmental:

  • Work with leadership to create and sustain a thriving organizational and workplace culture, ensuring transparency on culture-related expectations.

  • Commit to fostering a workplace culture that infuses practices of anti-racism and equity into its everyday practices as well as its core principles.

  • Be a role model for the organization in incorporating equity into all interactions with guest artists and community partners, centering their voices and acknowledging the different aspects of their cultural needs that may differ from established practice.

  • Foster and maintain relationships with vendors, other regional theatre departments, schools, and community partners throughout the region.

  • Serve as needed and appropriate as a key holder/ staff representative for unexpected needs or emergencies. Provide assistance as needed to Lowell Memorial Auditorium staff or artists, vendors, emergency services, or MRT patrons. Report unusual events, or uncooperative individuals to Production Manager or Senior Staff representative.

  • Provide support to Education, Special Events, Company Management and any other departments’ projects as needed.

  • Maintain and help to enforce MRT best practices regarding safety, cleanliness, and professionalism.​

Skills and Qualifications

  • 3+ years experience in lighting, sound, or related field.

  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints or Vectorworks documents.

  • Proficient knowledge of Word, Excel, Outlook, Vectorworks, Lightwright and CueLab.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills and the ability for creative problem solving.

  • Current driver’s license

About Merrimack Repertory Theatre

Merrimack Repertory Theatre (MRT) creates remarkable new and contemporary plays that bring joy to our art form while engaging, entertaining and enriching our community. Founded in 1979 to bring professional theatre to Lowell, MA, MRT has become a vital part of the artistic and cultural fabric of the Merrimack Valley region. Located 35 miles northwest of Boston, MRT is the only professional theatre company in the region and one of only three LORT theatres in the state.




MRT strives to fulfill its mission to “create remarkable new and contemporary plays that bring joy to our art form while engaging, entertaining and enriching our community.” The non-profit company guarantees that shows are accessible to audiences of all incomes; partners with businesses and other non-profits to fully engage the community; and contributes to the economic vitality of Lowell by attracting diverse audiences from throughout the region.



Anti-Racism Statement and Action Steps

All MRT employees are expected to embrace our mission statement and current strategic plan tenet of modeling Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at our core. MRT staff works in a manner consistent with these values by providing ongoing training, education, and action toward becoming an anti-racist and equitable institution across all races, ethnicities, abilities, sexual and gender expressions.


MRT is currently working on a five step action plan drafted in the Fall of 2020.


1. MRT will host weekly anti-racist conversations/learnings with board and staff as well as provide anti-racist tools and context for our audience.

2. MRT commits to continuously improve our practice of hiring of BIPOC artists and reporting on that growth with board, staff, and patrons.

3. MRT will conduct an organizational assessment with a racial equity focus.

4. MRT will examine all hiring policies and onboarding procedures through an anti-racist lens.

5. MRT will collaborate with BIPOC arts organizations in Lowell and the Merrimack region to cultivate ways to partner, leverage our resources, and amplify BIPOC artists in our community.



Covid Safety Policy


MRT is a fully vaccinated work place. More information can be found: