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Curated (or not so curated) Sites

Eliminating excuses

David 'dstew' Stewart

A purposely non curated opt in site 

Megan Sandberg-Zakian

This is a live google sheet that lists underrepresented and marginalized racial and ethnic diverse dramaturgs who are seeking employment (either freelance or full-time). As such, always continue to check back as more dramaturgs add their names to the list and feel free to reach out to LMDA at if you have any questions about this list.

A group of theater folks on Facebook and in the U.S. who identify as POC (People of Color). A brave space to provide support and connect with others who share similar experiences working in and around PWIs (Predominately White Institutions) and in and around IOCs (Institutions of Color). An intentional act of joy, faith, and celebration. A radical place to unite around common concerns and plan collective direct action. Run by The Crew. We know that the revolution will not be funded. #thecrew

A Database of Actors of Colour and Gender Diverse Actors in the DMV Area

A sliding scale pay service. Please click here to receive more information.

This is a self-identification database put together to help Minority Actors connect with Chicagoland Theatres

The Belonging, Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Committee of ATCA maintains a list of member and non-member theater critics who identify as a woman, non-white/person of color and/or non-binary. 

Maia Directors is a resource for organizations and artists engaging with stories from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. We provide casting support, production and cultural consultation, and other services advocating for the inclusion of MENASA artists and stories as a vital part of the American cultural conversation.

This is evolving and updating list of Asian American stage directors to be used as a resource for playwrights, artistic director, and other theatre makers who are searching for us. The list contains names, website links, SDC status, city-base, post-graduate degrees, artistic leadership positions, and higher education faculty positions. A key of information and some stats can be found at the bottom of the list.

A listing of the nations LatinX directors

Black female directors across the country

The purpose of this spreadsheet is to create a network of Native American, Alaskan Native, First Nations, Indigenous, and Aborginial artists who work in theatre. Furthermore, this was created for NN (non-native) individuals in the theatre who are looking to hire Native actors, directors, playwrights, etc. for specifically Indigenous opportunities, as well as for opportunities not specific to our people. Please share and add your information. There is also a section for organizations and opportunities, so theaters that are dedicated to Native works, have programming specifically for Native artists, and/or prioritize equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout their staff can be included.

Deaf Theatre Artist and ASL Interpreter Access Issues and Solutions

This is intended as a resource for professional theater makers, looking for creative teams in the US who are trans*, gender non-conforming, or gender variant. This list intends to be inclusive, not exclusive, and open to anyone who identifies as non-cisgendered. Please add only yourself to this list, allowing others to join or not at their discretion. Please note the multiple tabs, and add yourself accordingly. Entries that are partial, or incomplete may be deleted. This list is inspired from the Diverse Designers and Technicians list, which can be found below. That list is for racially and culturally diverse designers and technicians. If applicable, please add yourself there as well! Thank you! If there are any questions, please email me at

The T List: Transgender Professionals in Theatre, Film, Television, Music, and New Media

A consulting firm for companies and artists who want to create accurate work about, for, and with Indigenous Peoples'.

This platform connects BIMPOC theatre Practitioners with List Accessors and promotes better hiring practices in the theatre industry. It is an evolving, living resource responsive to the needs of the BIMPOC Practitioners with a focus on equity and justice.

Expand the Canon is an annual, curated list of excellent and producible classic plays by women and underrepresented genders. Both a celebration and a call to action, Expand the Canon demands space in the classical canon for more diverse playwrights, many of whom were underproduced or utterly un-produced in their lifetimes. We call upon our national and international theater community to expand its definition of classical theater and include these brilliant writers and artists in their production seasons, publications, classrooms, and beyond.

This list is actively updated with the small but mighty group of musical theatre composers, lyricists, and librettists who identify under the umbrella of Latinidad. Listen to their songs, become a fan of their words, and, if it's within your power, produce and  champion their work. 

This consolidation of curated lists represents professionals of the global majority in US Theater. While the terms ‘global majority’ and ‘people of the global majority’ (PGM) are used interchangeably with People of Color (POC); Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), we are specifically using this term to refer to all the communities that have been historically marginalized.

The main purpose of the PGM VO List is to present a large-scale showcase of global majority voices that is both representative and accessible to support increasing efforts for inclusion in the VO space. But it is also more than just a showcase. The PGM VO List is a community, a place of safety, and a foundation to which education, opportunities, and social awareness can take place. That is where the true purpose of this list lies and where the real work begins.

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